Lioness in Garden
  The word "Fresco" means painting color into wet plaster. The "Fresco Secco" method is painting on dry plaster used by most Fresco painters in the 14th century. The artist uses the "Fresco Secco" method, including 31 steps in her Fresco process to create art that looks as if it was on the wall in some far away land and has been removed either by natural process, by the passage of time, or broken by taking from its original home and pieced back together again.

The Art of Jayne Samuelson Wright

From the artist:

"Mysteries of intrigue surround primitive artifacts and ancient art. Looking back through the mist of vanished civilizations using the Fresco technique, I can bring a fragment of ancient history and project the art of the past into the present. Using my artistic license to enhance the imagery of ancient civilizations, I create Frescos that are uniquely original in portraying ancient culture. My collection is an interpretation and modern expression of subjects of the antiquities. My sincere desire is that you will travel with me through my artistic analogues to see and feel the heartbeat and passion of these long lost kingdoms."

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Jayne Samuelson Wright was recently featured on The Open House Show (Feb 17, 2008)! Click here to watch!

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